TREND: Color Decides

Getting dressed everyday is about making choices. I know it is hard to think about all these factors at the same time, and sometimes it is more of an instinct to put on your attire. I spotted this Fashionista and appalled her successful mixology ensemble. Her floral dress is feminine and edgy giving off a fierce look. 

What I really appreciated about her look is how she showcased a balance of colors all in the purple/blue family. Monochromatic styled clothing has been seen all the runways and this Fashionista took that concept and made it work for campus wear. 

In addition, her silver shimmery tights added a sense of playfulness and fun into her outfit. The texture of silver did not conflict with outfit, but instead brought balance. 

Hint: Son't over-accessorize with your outfit, stick to one statement piece to not take away too much from your ensemble. Check out these Melanie Auld Ella Necklace in Purple and Gold Dust Woman Necklace.

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