TREND: Color Me Striped

After nearly two months at home for winter break, I'd forgotten what it felt like to walk to class in twenty degree weather. Now that I'm finally back on campus in Delaware, I'm on the lookout for any promising signs of spring. The days start to feel a little longer when the sun doesn't set at four o'clock (come to think of it, seeing the sun at all is reassuring), but perhaps some of the most hopeful signs of an early transition from winter to spring are the bright bursts of color in students' cold weather wardrobes. I have to admit, I tend to wear a lot of neutral tones and darker colors, but I'm always impressed by the bold primary colors many of Delaware's Fashionistas and Fashionistos manage to pull off – especially when there's still snow on the ground.

Cold college students aren't the only ones holding out for spring. In their collections for the upcoming season, many designers are looking toward brighter horizons and embracing bolder hues and statement-making prints. Whether you're partial to the modern elegance of Lanvin, the classic staples of Tommy Hilfiger, or the sassy minimalism of Rachel Roy, there are a million ways to work what has dubbed "Hyper Color."

Today's Fashionista reminded me of Michael Kors' Pre-Fall 2011 collection in particular. Characterized by bold primary colors, clean lines and color-block ensembles, these designs portray a combination of nautical trends and 1960s mod fashion to achieve an updated, yet classically cool vibe. The featured Fashionista channeled these looks by expertly layering red and white stripes underneath a vibrant red cropped jacket. Sporting a striking color and an eye-catching pattern on top, she kept it simple on the bottom and tucked dark blue skinny jeans into brown leather equestrian boots (it's my personal belief that every Fashionista should have a pair of these in her closet). Just by looking at this Fashionista, who accessorized her trendy look with a pair of aviator sunglasses, you'd never know there's still snow on the ground here in Newark, DE.

Hint: Seeing red this season? You're not the only one! Check out this previous post by Katherine Tabinowski, another Delaware Style Guru who saw this conspicuous color on and off the runway during Paris Fashion Week!

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