TREND: Color Me Wonderful

So many of us Gurus have been pushing “pops” of color (refer to Hilah’s latest post for her great advice!). And in this often dreary Durham weather, pops of neon clothing are the only color we see all day. But in looking at the upcoming weather forecast, I recently decided that on those extra gloomy days you need more than just a pop. When the sky is gray, I propose skipping the “pop” of color and doing bright all over.

This Fashionisto hits the nail on the head with his colorful sneaks, plaid shirt, and his layering henley tee underneath. He knows just how to balance all of his color with a dark wash jean, for a smart, but eye-catching, look. His matching of brights works beautifully, but if you’re nervous about your own eye, start embracing this trend with single bright pieces, like a dress, so you ease into your coordinating of bright colors.Throw on tights and boots with a colorful dress and you’ve created a sunny look no matter what the weather.

Another way to rock this trend in bad weather? Buy a colorful coat. But yellow coats won’t match my blue bookbag and my favorite red converse and my brown hair! Oh, posh. Your blue, red, and brown tones will combine to create an even more colorful, bright, look when you throw your yellow coat on top.

Be bold! You won’t regret it.

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