TREND: Color Wonderful

Maybe it is just me but I find it very hard to add color to my wardrobe during winter. (After all, I have been saving all of my Proenza Schouler inspired frocks for the bright sunny days of spring.) Yet, I find it quite boring to wear my neutral tones everyday. Yes, I confess, I too am wearing that pale chiffon blouse tucked in a black wool miniskirt, with an essential pair of 20 den dark tights that are slipped into my favorite pair of platform ankle boots. Too un-inspiring!!

Thus it should be no surprise that I indulge in seeing colored beings walking down the street. So here is a toast to those of you willing to step out in the cold ridden streets of Boston with a vivid outlook on life. Thank you for making my day and making my view of Boston street style enjoyable because I know my dark shades, at the very least, blend in really well with the dull-colored buildings.

And if you would like to join this vibrant club, you can find many of these pieces at my favorite stores such as French Connection (which is conveniently located on Newbury St.) as well as American Eagle Outfitters.

Style On,

Zhen Zhu

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