TREND: Colors that Pop

Bright pinks, screaming yellows, and dramatic blues- colors that will catch your eye and brighten your day. These are the colors that have been spotted in the outfits of Fashionita/os at ASU. They’re keeping their rock star status by ending on a high note in school and in fashion. While dreaded exams and an approaching so-called “winter” would be valid excuses to hide away in shades of black and gray, it’s been the contrary for fashionable Sun Devils.

During a calm lunch hour on campus, it was refreshing to spot many fellow classmates en route dressed in bright colored tees, dresses, or ensembles of T-shirt and pants. It was like a sneak peak of Spring 2011. The exciting pastels and tribal prints we can look forward to are among us. Let’s admit it’s easy to want to get ahead of the game in southern Arizona when it’s December and seventy-seven degrees out. An example of the spotting fashion trend is pictured in the featured Fashionista’s outfit. Her look is fabulously simple. Solid shades of teal such as the color of her dress work wonderfully solo- they could also look fabulous paired with other solids such as her black-heeled booties that add the right finishing touch- they don’t draw away attention from the dress but are still noticeable.

The trend for this week has undoubtedly been colors that pop. Even the default looks in plaid have been bright yellows, purples and reds. Observing closer into the looks of many Fashionista/os at ASU, I’ve noticed that accessories such as headbands have also been brightly colored with gems or riveting designs. Not to forget the details of a look- such as the choice of bright yellow or blue nail polish in pinks.

Hint: Just as the winter in southern Arizona is unconventional, so is our choice of clothing for the season. We've already seen a sneak-peak of the bright colors that will hot in spring 2011 but for a closer look into the trends that you can look forward to and get ahead of the game by incorporating them into your wardrobe early on in the season, take a look at Elle magazine's spring 2011 trend teport. It reveals that not only with color blocks of organge, yellow, and pink be popular, but a new take on florals and animal prints will give you a reason to start the season fresh with updated pieces or take a twist with the vintage items hanging in your closet.

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