TREND: Combat With Shorts

Who says boots are for the winter? Living in the Big Apple the past couple of weeks has been less than predictable. Last summer, the sun and humidity left very little leeway for outfit choices; dresses and cute sandals were a go-to. But this summer, things are a bit different. Whether it's rain or shine, there's one trend that I've seen Fashionistas wearing all over the city that is a versatile approach: shorts with boots. And I just adore how this Fashionista rocks the style. With short black jean shorts, the Fashionista accompanies them well with an oversized, printed violet top. The purple is a great color for this trend season and it has been seen on long, flowy accordion skirts, or staple headscarves (which would be an exciting addition to this outfit!). She looks comfortable and fun, giving an effortless look for a day of shopping on Soho's Broadway Street.

What especially caught my eye though, was her interesting use of black lace-up combat boots with this seemingly summer duo. But I've seen this trend repeatedly on the streets of NYC. We all have our kick-around boots we wore in February and March, and with the unpredictable, rainy weather, they're a great complement with a pair of black jean shorts if you're not going to let the weather get in the way. Not to mention it's a great way to save some shopping money!

Hint: Combat boots aren't limited to shorts. I love seeing Fashionistas around the city wearing them with floral printed babydoll dresses or single-toned rompers. Just keep in mind the specific style of the boots; they aren't made to wear to work, but they're a great thing to wear on your out-of-the-office days!


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