TREND: Combating Style

Combat boots are not just worn in the military battlefields anymore and now have been introduced into the fashion world. These shoes are perfect for casual attire but can be worn with a dress for a night out. This Fashionista chose to pair her combat boots with a casual pair of skinny jeans folded at the bottom to emphasize her battling boots along with a cropped sweater. There are numerous styles of combat boots that differ in color, height, and shape. There is a military boot that fits any and every style. If you are planning on a feminine look, try these boots that have oversized fabric as shoe strings. If your outfit needs more accessories, try these studded combat boots in a shade of brown. Finally if you want a pair of combat boots to wear when you are heading out to dinner try these grey high heel boots, perfect for dressing up.

Not only did this Fashionista accessorize with her combat boots, her bright orange belt and scarf made a bold statement. Tying this paisley print scarf around her neck is reminiscent of the 50s and adds a touch of sophistication.

Hint: The next time you want to wear a scarf ditch the huge oversize scarves and go for a more classic simple style. Try this pink scarf or this paisley printed scarf around your neck the next time you button up.

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