Finals week is just around the corner, and the libraries are more packed than ever. Students with ridiculously large backpacks are rushing into Perkins with stress written all over their faces, and the last thing on most of their minds is fashion. But who knows whom you’ll run into in the stacks? There are two words that should define library style: comfort (because who wants to stroll in wearing a dress and heels?) and chic (because sweatpants really aren’t the most fashionable articles). With these two adjectives in mind, this Fashionista has achieved the perfect study ensemble.

Nothing says comfort chic like fur; not only is it number one on any Fashionista’s holiday wish list, but it also adds some warmth to the otherwise cold and stuffy stacks. Layers are key here. By layering her vest over a cozy zip-up hoodie, she casually dresses up a library must-have. Furthermore, her sweatshirt over a blue striped top adds a pop of color, just subtle enough so it will keep from distracting the other bookworms. Finally, leggings are the obvious choice for fashionable and functional legwear. This Fashionista pairs them with scrunched socks and lace-up boots for a touch of military.

Hint: My favorite place to search for these comfortable yet stylish finds is Victoria’s Secret. No, I’m not talking about their undergarments (although they do carry the best); I’m thinking of the lounge clothing. Not only do they have great leggings and yoga pants, but they also have cute tops that you’ll never want to take off.

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