TREND: Confidence!

Christian Dior once said, “Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest.” In this instance, I could find no better words to describe the Fashionista featured here. After spending an entire day with her, I realized quickly that this Fashionista is someone to be admired, not only because of her impeccable fashion sense, but also because of her radiating self-confidence. As a true believer that confidence is the best accessory a Fashionista/o can attain, I am enchanted by those who truly inspire others with their energy. Made quite obvious by this photo, the Fashionista here has a zest for life that she implements into her work, play, and—most importantly to us Fashionistas—her style.

Mixing colors and patterns perfectly, this Fashionista stepped into an autumn Bloomington day in patterned tights, high-waisted shorts, and a simple blank tank that is accented with a black undershirt. Her accessories consisted of black flats, a leopard scarf, bright red shades, and most prominently, confidence! Why would she not be confident in such a remarkable ensemble? Her dark tones and patterns of black are accented perfectly with shades of darker reds and blues. Finally, she added a bold leopard print scarf to mark a flawless balance of color and texture.

Hint: To get a look like hers, try these shorts with a plain tank or tee. Textured tights can make a simple outfit into an interesting look. Try these burnout rose tights from Free People. Add a patterned scarf, some colorful shades, and a pair of black flats, and you’re guaranteed to be as vibrant and confident as this Fashionista!

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