TREND: Conservatively Wild

Sometimes cheetah print is a bit too Snooki for my taste (although I love her, don’t get me wrong), so I usually shy away from it. However, this Fashionista’s cheetah-all-over dress is subtle and cute, with absolutely no hints of Jersey Shore; she looks casual, fun and stylish!

A small cheetah print such as this Fashionista’s dress is best for an all-over print; a bigger print can look tacky if worn everywhere. If you’re looking for a dress or shirt, aim for a smaller, subtler print. However, if you’re using the print as an accent (which can be very chic!) a larger print is fine. My favorite cheetah print accents are a pair of flats, or a skinny belt. Black pants with a black shirt tucked in, accessorized with a cheetah print belt is a perfect go-to outfit for comfort and fashion.

I’ve caught this particular Fashionista looking great multiple different times. This testifies to her keen fashion sense, and over all style. So, kudos to you, Fashionista! You inspire us all.

Hint: If you really love this Fashionista's style, cop her dress!

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