TREND: Contemporary Minimalism

I’d like to say it is official and that the transition into spring has begun, however I do not want to overestimate myself or the D.C. weather. What I can say is that spring break is around the corner, so the need to revisit warmer clothes is nearing. It is tempting to reject the reality that there still may be a cool breeze on a sunny day and neglect boots, finding a way to keep warm through other means. This Fashionista did just this and in the form of what I would say quite sophisticated fashion for GW standards. Where to start with her outfit? Every aspect of it embraces this season’s emphasis on the idea of minimalism through clean cut, yet chic, pieces. Her trousers, for example, are cropped right above the ankle. This has been a recurring trend throughout the various fashion weeks and this runway look by Sportmax portrays it exactly. The simple details of her jacket, or lack thereof, is one of my favorite aspects. No pockets, no collar, no cuffs: just the six round buttons does enough for me. Top it all off with some bold accessories like she did and you’re golden. With the high winds we have encountered lately, why haven’t more people though of doubling their scarf as a tunic to save their hair from literally whipping back and forth? It’s genius. Her statement fringe bag adds an unexpected, yet completely welcomed, pop of bohemianism to her look to keep it fun and casual.

Hint: As spring actually does approach, substitute the grays and tans with a more colorful palette. Zara has a pair of cropped trousers I recently discovered that come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from bright red (a personal favorite) to bright blue.

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