TREND: Convertible Clothes

If you are on a college budget (like me) you must know that it’s very difficult to find good-looking clothes at low prices. Sometimes it’s worth the money to buy certain items that are what we call “convertible” clothes because certain pieces can be used for many types of situations.

For women, there are many options such as blouses that can be worn at the office as well as for going out. Then there are the less practical examples, like the “infinity dress” that is many dresses in one (they sell some version of this on Library Walk sometimes). But for men, this convertible concept is harder to achieve. As far as I know, there is no infinity trouser polo combination, unless it’s those zipper cargo pants that were trendy in the 90s. But what men can do to have clothes for many occasions is to buy basic essentials.

I’m no expert on men’s fashion but I do know when something looks good on a man. This Fashionisto is dressed in an easily convertible outfit. Black jeans are a must in every man’s closet for the simple fact that they can be dressed up or down for any occasion. They come in a variety of styles and cuts; they fit every type of guy and let’s face it are just attractive. His button-down plaid shirt can be worn open like that with a graphic tee peaking through for a day look or can be buttoned-up topped with a fedora and voila: a night look. One can have many different looks without spending so much money!

Hint: Buy good quality basics like black jeans at big department stores like Macy's and JCPenny that carry many brand names at a variety of prices. Plaid shirts in many different colors are found in stores like American Eagle and Urban Outfitters. But remember, an important tip for finding a practical convertible outfit is to shop around. So have patience and shop on!

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