TREND: Cool and Classy

While I’m sure there are very few Fashionistas who aren’t excited about picking out ensembles to wear to class, many males I know don’t share their enthusiasm. Fear not boys! If you take a few simple cues from this Fashionisto, you can have an effortless style that’s comfortable, classy, and suitable for the sweltering South Florida weather.

This outfit is simple enough for most Fashionistos to easily replicate 15 minutes before class starts, but still looks pulled together. Today's Fashionisto is rocking a University of Miami PFG. These shirts manage to keep cool in hot weather while still looking more polished than a regular T-shirt. Keeping the shirt untucked helps keep this outfit from looking too stuffy. In addition to the PFGs with university logos, these fishing shirts also come in a wide variety of hues and patterns with short or long sleeves. There’s a color and style for everyone.

This Fashionisto’s green seersucker shorts are another great style move. August and September in Miami tend to be too warm for pants, but shorts with a fun pattern or print help keep you from melting in the Miami heat while still looking unique and stylish. While these shorts are great now, some of you may be hesitant to wear a light colored seersucker come fall. This darker plaid pair will work wonderfully in autumn. Bonus points to this Fashionisto for choosing to tie the outfit together with the green in the shirt's logo, seersucker shorts, and sandals. Too many guys are stuck in the “grab the nearest shirt and bottoms” routine. The more pulled together look of a nicer shirt, patterned or detailed shorts, and shoes that don’t clash can be just as comfortable and easy, and looks infinitely better.

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