TREND: Cool Cape

It is natural to be a little weary of capes because usually we leave them to Batman and Robin. But, not all capes should be reserved for Halloween. A great and fashionable alternative to a traditional pea coat this fall is a warm cape. Jackets are more tailored and fitted, while capes are more voluminous. This Fashionista bears the brisk fall weather with a classy brown and cream plaid cape. The plaid, which is a larger print, along with the color scheme, gives the cape a refined quality. There is a understated, polished quality about a chic cape. And, there is a cape out there for everyone. Some capes this season have great hoods that will definitely come in handy when caught in the rain. This Clu plaid cape is more casual, while this Alice + Olivia cape has embellished shoulders and is dressier. Or, take a look at this “Hooded Duffel Cape” that has cute toggle detailing. But, for a classic cape shape, check out this camel-colored cape with military buttons. Instead of reaching for the more popular coat option this fall, consider a cape. Who knows? You might just reach a new level of cool.

Hint: Since capes are more voluminous, pair them with skinny jeans or black leggings and a tunic to create a very flattering silhouette. You can also achieve this look by wearing your cape with a straight skirt, like the pencil skirt this Fashionista wears. Also, for when it gets colder this winter, these elbow-length gloves will keep you warm and work flawlessly peeking out from your cape when you go to grab something out of your bag or text a friend.

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