TREND: Cool for School

 As the fall semester comes to an end here at Arizona State University, one would expect to see a fashion trend that is often considered the default "college look": sweatshirt and sweatpants. Sometimes they match, others it’s whatever the student finds crawling out of bed. Finals are our downright excuse for making these days as comfortable as possible. So when I set out to find just what trend would be popular during these weeks of excess coffee, study parties and all-nighters in the library, I was thrown for a curve. Perhaps the students at ASU are showing finals just who’s boss.

In the back ends of the library, coffee shops and all general study areas, you will find Sun Devils studying in style. Throughout the week I’ve spotted minimal but bold looks such as the combination of a light colored tee with a deep brown or black leather jacket thrown over it. A look that’s reflective of the rebels you would normally find kicking books to the curb. Leather jackets, ripped jeans and combat boots are key pieces to the infamous look. Black and charcoal colored fishnet tights have also been incorporated in the wardrobe of many Fashionistas. 

While the general hangout areas outside have been relatively vacant, since finals kicked off, Fashionista/os are looking cool indoors as they hit the books. I spotted this Fashionista inside one of the labs in the Cronkite School of Journalism. Her outfit instantly caught my eye from across the room. The leather jacket makes her look edgey, while the light demin jumper and black bow belt are softer pieces; an overall comboniation that works. Demin and leather are especially hot this season. As I drew closer, to see her choice of shoes, I instantly fell in love with the oxford Keds she was rocking. A hint of color, especially red, was an excellent choice. 

Keep the cool looks rolling till we kiss this semester goodbye Sun Devils.

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