TREND: Cosby Sweater? Yes, Please!

Gucci did it. So did Prada. Now, you too can sport a piece of American iconography this fall. If your friends give you any grief, just show them this sweater from Mary Kate and Ashley’s "The Row." Retailing for nearly $1,200, this sweater only looks like it was found at Goodwill.

The Fashionisto seen here certainly seems to know what he’s doing. In a nod to fall’s cooler temperatures, he has cleverly mixed summer’s windowpane shorts with this fall’s chunky knit sweater trend. I like the way this Fashionisto chose to mix patterns. In this case, the patterns work well together because neither pattern is too bold. Also, because they are both in the blue family, they complement each other well. Lastly, because he mixed a heavy knit with a light cotton, the fabrics balance each other out.

Boat shoes were a big trend this summer, and if done right, this look can take you through the fall as well. This Fashionisto is wearing a version of the boat shoe that I haven’t seen before. Lovingly worn-in and sans laces, these shoes add even more character to his look. Worn-in leather is a great year-round accessory, but it is especially fitting for fall.

Hint: For a boat shoe more appropriate for fall, try the high-top boat shoe.

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