TREND: Cozy Cable-Knits for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving means three things: being home with family, commencing the holiday season and eating far too much food. With that said, Thanksgiving celebrations call for clothing that is chic enough for family photos, holiday festive and comfortable throughout the dinner feast. One of the few choices that fulfill all of these requirements is a cable-knit piece. While cable-knit has been worn for quite some time, it hasn’t lost its appeal. Why wouldn’t a Fashionista want to wear clothing that is comfy, cozy and chic? This is exactly why cable-knit has endured.

This Fashionista’s navy cable-knit sweater is a perfect example of the versatility of the trend. It is just slouchy enough to be part of the “I borrowed this from my grandfather’s closet” trend that Fashionistas around BU have favored this season. But, paired with light denim, the grandpa cardigan instantly turns modern. The brown boots and green plaid scarf carry the vintage feel through the rest of the outfit, while the peach top keeps the ensemble light and fun.

There is a cable-knit piece that will fit into every Fashionista’s wardrobe, including everything from a basic oversized scarf and rain boot liners to a modern shredded sweater. For a dressier Thanksgiving outfit, try a chic cable-knit dress. Edgy and unexpected pieces, such as a pair of shorts and a motorcycle jacket, can make your holiday cable-knit extra versatile. There is no denying the comfort factor of cable-knit clothing or the cozy look that is perfect for keeping the holidays warm.

Hint: Play with cable-knit and color combinations like our Fashionista does. Pairing unlikely colors can result in fashion-forward and unique looks. has some chic and unexpected color options. Of course, you can always try your own combination; all it takes is some time and experimentation!

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