TREND: Cozy, Cool and Trimmed with Fur

When the snow banks lining Comm Ave are almost as tall as I am, one thought runs through my mind: why did I ever leave southern California for this? And then I remember how much I love the glorious fashion that accompanies this miserable weather.

Very few things give me as much pleasure as piling on layer upon fabulous layer of winter gear, be it chunky knits over trim cashmere or warm flannel beneath luxurious wool. This Fashionista’s layering preference: a sporty jacket with thick fur trim over comfortable basics. Tres chic for February’s snow and sleet.

To emulate this look, try this versatile anorak by Aqua. The fur does not only function as a fashionable touch, but as a vest as well. Once the weather gets warmer, you can snap off the jacket and wear the vest on its own. For a less overt take, try this SAM Genuine coyote fur trim anorak. If you want to make a statement with a bold, retro look, the oversized fur collar on this ladylike khaki coat from Topshop might do the trick.

Whatever your fur trim of choice, you can never go wrong if you style it with the ease of that this Fashionista does. She layers a basic long sleeved t-shirt over a basic tank top, pulled together with comfortable leggings (for a textured twist, try this velvet pair from American Apparel). She accessorizes with an oversized black purse large enough to lug her books, and throws on a pair of studded boots to give her ensemble a bit of an edge. 

Next time you check and are greeted by a bleak, snowy forecast, take it as a blessing from the fashion gods – they are enabling you to layer, letting your personal style shine.

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