TREND: Creating Color Palettes

I have always heard that the first step to overcoming addiction was to admit that you have a problem. If this is true, then I must admit that I have a problem with stepping out of my fashion comfort zone and wearing colors other than black. And most items of clothing I purchase are black and I rarely ever veer from this habit. As I circulate campus on my daily routes to and from class, I often come face-to-face with my problem as I see so many cohesive and interesting looks based off of color; a concept I am foreign to when deciding what to wear. I get a wave of excitement in rediscovering this notion that colors not only exist but are okay to wear. Just as I have my daily slate of different shades of black, I am more and more inspired to keep this idea of a single colored slate, yet alter it with other hues. Thus, creating a trendy and pulled together updated uniform that strays from my own convention. 

I spotted this Fashionista wearing an outfit that goes along with this exact idea. She is wearing a mix of complementary shades of brown to create a streamlined and classic look. She combines a camel-toned three-quarter sleeved jacket with a white tee underneath and chocolate brown leggings. She completes the look with a great pair of dark brown lace-up boots, a punchy red pashmina and a hunter green cross-body satchel bag. To imitate this look, get a camel-toned blazer such as this one by Lover Arthouse. For the white tee and brown leggings, you can't go wrong with American Apparel. As for the lace-up boots, Steve Madden has an amazing selection to choose from that range in style and color tones. As for the pashmina, any basic one will do, yet if you want to get more creative, try a patterned scarf like this leopard pink one by Diane von Furstenberg. Her military inspired hunter green satchel bag is by Ralph Lauren and similar ones can be found at Rugby.  

Hint: Always be realistic about what colors suit you. If something isn't flattering, don't buy it, even if its trendy. Be daring and buy a winter wardrobe staple in a shade that you normally wouldn't think twice about. For example, if you already have a lot of black blazers, invest in a piece that is different like a tan leather jacket. Refining your look takes time and small steps but I promise that the result is worth it. 

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