TREND: Critique your Inner Unique

Is it said that literature, art, and music, and theater are some of the best ways to express your inner self. While I could not agree more I also can’t help but notice that many times the category of fashion is left out of the list. To some people, fashion appears to be materialistic – a world of shallow, size zero models and snooty fashion designers who charge too much for a piece of cloth. And while I find that literary works, works of art, music and theater are all great classical outlets of expression, I firmly believe that fashion is one of the boldest and most human ways to tell who we are as individuals. What better way tell the world who you are then by the most visual means possible? In a nation ripe with dress codes our clothes are out for all to see, for all to see who you are. Sure there may be some skeptics and naysayers who may argue that many stores produce the same kinds of clothes, the same styles, the same cuts, and the same colors. I say, it’s not about buying the same thing as someone else; it’s about what you chose to do with that piece of clothing and how you make it your own.

That is exactly what I loved about this Fashionista. She takes everyday, simply piece of clothing like gray skinny jeans, a black blazer, and a striped undershirt and make it her own style. Pairing her striped shirt with a solid scarf keeps the outfit from crossing over from eclectic to clashing. Her pink corduroy backpack is a nice break from the monotonous black canvas bag, or the over the shoulder messenger bag. What I admired the most about this Fashionista’s outfit was her choice to pair slouch leg warmers with her oxford shoes. Not only are oxford shoes one of the hottest commodities this season, but also choosing to wear leg warmers with them creates a very unique oxford winter boot look. This Fashionista gets everything right all while staying true to her own style. So the next time you open up your closet doors ask what you can do to express your inner unique.

Hint: Oxford boots do exist! Check them out at DSW. Or try a fancier take like this oxford pump. The ribbon laces are delicate and the use of suede and patent leather adds dimension to the shoe. I love it for it’s reminiscence of the Victorian Period.

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