TREND: CROPtacular

Finals are over. Papers have been submitted. The sun is out and that only means one thing: Summer is officially here. Layers are gone and it’s time to show some skin in a tasteful way, of course; and one of the ways you can do this is by wearing crop tops.

Crop tops come in different shapes and sizes and they are the perfect summer top. They are loose so they keep you cool when the sun gets to be too much to handle. They look great when paired with almost anything, like a high-waisted short or skirt, and they can also be layered on top of a tank top or a dress to add some extra flare to a simple and plain outfit.

Today's Fashionista is wearing a pair of blue and white striped Colette shorts with a bright yellow crop top, navy Toms, wayfarers, black bag and a fedora hat. She looked effortlessly cool – literally and figuratively – on a very hot day. As everybody else looked like they were going to pass out from the heat, she looked like she was not tired at all. She was refreshing and I’m guessing the crop top helped. 

Want to feel effortlessly cool, too? It’s easy! Just take note of this Fashionista and this other CollegeFashionista article and wear a crop top for any occasion day or night!

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