TREND: Cross Body for Books

Starting to get a bit tired of my oversized hobo for my books, I kept my eyes peeled for Fashionistas and Fashionistos who had book bags that were a bit different from the oh-so-common hobo for some inspiration. I was seeing many cute backpacks and a few cute satchels, but nothing seemed right for me. It was when I saw this Fashionista outside of G-Dubb Java that I knew what type of book bag I wanted to change to, and because I was very impressed by her whole look, I had to take a picture of her.

This Fashionista is sporting a great cross-body bucket bag that I really love. The strap is a light beige leather, which contrasts against the black leather of the bag itself. The bag is deceivingly large, and she told me that she easily fits her laptop, textbooks, and notebooks in it with ease. It doesn't look like a bag for books, so her use of it isn't limited solely to going to class; she can easily put her wallet and other trinkets into it for a day of shopping in Georgetown or strolling the National Mall. With her bag, this Fashionista sports a pair of basic denim skinnies, an simple long-sleeved grey shirt, a tri-colored infinity scarf, and fur-lined motorcycle boots. She's so effortlessly chic, and her look is absolutely perfect for going to class.

Hint: If you're like me and have been searching for a new book bag, try a cross-body bag, a trendy satchel, or a great canvas or leather backpack. Both are different from the common hobos that are all around campus, and are a chic way to carry your textbooks and notebooks to and from class.

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