TREND: Cuff Me

So when it comes to last minute accessorizing, let me guess–you throw a barrette in your hair? Put on a simple watch? Throw on whatever earrings are on your nightstand from last night? Okay I get it, I get it. I’m guilty too. Sometimes accessorizing takes more work that it feels like it’s worth–especially when you’re on the go. Voila! Enter: Cuffs.

This Fashionista had just the right idea when she donned a turquoise and silver cuff with a cotton skirt and some easy sandals. She proves to us lazy accessorizers that there is hope–some stylish accessories are as no hassle as last night’s earrings. Don’t fiddle with a necklace clasp, just pop on your favorite cuff and you’ll immediately look like the Fashionista that you are.

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