TREND: D is for Denim

The denim jacket has long been urban apparel essential and this season more than ever is this true. A head that opens and closes situations, is played down with a "smile" and always manages to add that note of lightness has become a symbol of eternal youth for many. In order to avoid the denim-on-denim taboo, it is always better to create a colour contrast to break the monotony with a bit of inspiration.

The dandy aesthetic and sartorial taste of the light denim jacket worked in tandem with dark denim trousers and a crisp white T-shirt can only benefit men the world over, as this week’s Fashionisto demonstrates.

With a plethora of fits, fades, and shades to choose from, this basic piece of Americana has endless possibilities. To begin with, liner or no liner? This Fashionisto would probably go for the first option. The shearling liner adds a sense of warmth and manliness to his Topshop denim jacket. The full grain leather safety ankle boots that he is wearing effectively transitions his look from “classic farmboy” to an more urban “tougher” look. A sparsely-populated North Atlantic island, Iceland is famous for its hot springs, geysers and active volcanoes. It comes as no surprise then that Iceland takes safety wear seriously, which is where this Fashionisto purchased them from. Adding a splash of colour and a hint of folk, he complements his attire with a cosy on-trend Fair Isle designed scarf.

Hint: To preserve the wash, treat the jacket the same way if it were a pair of jeans. Don’t wash it too frequently and expect some shrinkage with hot water washes. Also, if you must mix denims, mix up the washes. Extremely dark washed jeans and a faded shearling-lined jacket is a great example.

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