TREND: Dancing with Wolves

Sometimes, a trend sneaks up on me. I see it walking down the street, browsing through stores, and I think—when did this happen? When I was abroad in London last semester, I started to see wolves everywhere. Vintage sweatshirts, tees that looked fresh from the science museum, even silk dresses seemed to be emblazoned with a furry predator howling at the moon. Although I thought wolf clothing seemed pretty darn cool, I couldn’t help but wonder how I missed the memo on this trend. Maybe, I thought, it was just one of those crazy London things.

So you can imagine how happily surprised I was to see that wolves are prowling their way onto Georgetown’s campus! This week’s Fashionista looks effortlessly cool in her wolf tee, pairing the trendy piece with cutoffs and some truly stylish needlepoint flats (jealous? Check out this pair from By Paige). If you’re a fan of the classic silk screen tee this Fashionista sports, beware that you won’t be able to find a similar shirt at the mall. Try rooting through bins at your favorite vintage store, or—if you’re looking for a shortcut—nature websites can be the answer to dream wolf tees like this one. Take the lead from this week’s Fashionista and roll up the sleeves on your wolf shirt for a look that’s a little more fashion and a little less nature hike.

Not convinced this trend is for you? Never fear! You don’t need to be as literal as this Fashionista to wear wolves with pride. Try checking out some more artsy wolf print shirts, like this one from Etsy, for a less upfront take on this Fashionista’s fearless outfit. Pair your find with a high-waisted skirt and you’ll be howling with excitement (pun very much intended).

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