TREND: Dare to be Bold Through the Cold

Spring is tantalizingly close, and there has probably never been another year that University of Connecticut students were so anxious for its arrival. After months of sporting chunky knits, itchy scarves and lined boots, the snow is starting to melt, and it is time to be bold with our fashion picks through the duration of the cold.

On an almost warm day, this Fashionista daringly rocked a festive sheer top in attempts to hurry the arrival of spring. The intricate pattern and fierce colors of the shirt spread cheer and brightness around campus to fellow students who are equally tired of the cold. The design is reminiscent of a spring watercolor painting, and its bold colors are the perfect way to tell Mother Nature to end the cold. The carefree flow of the shirt complements the brilliant colors, and the gold buttons and tied sleeves accessorize the look. As much as this Fashionista wants spring, she stayed warm by pairing her top with classic brown leather boots.

Hint: Along with the nearing warm weather comes the celebration of Mardi Gras. Wearing brightly colored clothing like this Fashionista is a great option for any Mardi Gras festivities you may be attending in the upcoming weeks.

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