TREND: Drawstring Bucket Bag

The essence of college fashion, I believe, is not about high-end attire designed by Karl Lagerfeld or Jimmy Choo, it's more about how to look good while being economical and causal. Smart Fashionistas know how to look chic with affordable things. Once the school year starts, students have to deal with 8 am morning classes which means they don't have 1 hour to dress up and make themselves look sharp. Therefore, simplicity is another essential rule to keep in mind. This Fashionista did a great job of mixing the wild denim jacket with pearls on the pocket and around the neck. Having one of these Ochirly jacket is definitely a good choice for your fall wardrobe. She chose a light blue jacket with a pink flat, it's playful and adorable. The pearls on the shoes also a good complement with the pearls on the denim jacket. It is not a bad ting to pay attention with these details, little accessories and jewelry is the key to improve your outfit to another notch. To complete your outfit, just pair up the jacket with a black skinny jeans, and a white T-shirt inside.

Hint: For fall, I would recommend the accessories of Urban Outfitters because their fall section is a great combination of both old-school and classics. Style try these two scarves Staring at Stars Jacquard Scarf and Calyptic Eternity with Lurex.

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