TREND: Denim and White

I've always thought that the beginning of a new school year feels more like the start of a new era than January First ever does. For one thing, there's so much more to look forward to! With a new, fresh start, new clothes, exciting classes, and seeing friends you haven't seen all summer, a great outfit is a definite must. The first day of school, whether in kindergarten or college, is all about making a statement to the world. It's a chance to start off your new signature style with a bang. But, you want to make sure that your style stays fierce through the rest of the school year as well!

These two Fashionistas look crisp and summery in their matching denim shorts, white tank tops, and sandals. They wear sunglasses on top of their heads as makeshift headbands, and both carry large leather bags perfect for carrying around school notebooks and papers. This outfit is great for school because the weather is still warm at the start of September, and the white tank tops show off the tan that you got during the summer. The Fashionista on the left tucks her tank top in and wears a leather belt over her shorts, with a black cross-body bag and black thong flip flops. The Fashionista on the right wears a white patterned ruffled tank top, cut off shorts, a white and black Coach totebag, and red flip flops.

In the end, its up to you to turn the hallway into a runway. 

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