TREND: Detailed Buttons

Today’s Fashionista exemplifies how classic pieces and detail can make an outfit sparkle amidst dreary weather. Instead of wondering if it will rain, her look gives us something else to focus on. She starts off with a blue and white striped button down. This shirt encompasses two springtime trends – nautical and ruffles, with the striped pattern looking quasi-seersucker, while the ruffles at the top of the fitted oxford add a bit of flair and femininity to the typical menswear piece. A base of skinny black jeans highlights her long legs and creates a perfect backdrop for the rest of her outfit to shine. The brown leather boots contrast with the black jeans and protect her feet from the possible impending rain. This white jacket from Juicy Couture is a lovely springtime coat. The color allows it to match almost any outfit, so it’s perfect to throw on any day of the week as you rush out the door. The buttons are gold and in the shape of detailed flowers. Meanwhile, the texture of the fabric keeps the shape of the coat, and the shoulders are slightly tufted. She uses a navy canvas bag to tote around her heavy books with more style than a typical backpack. The navy color is versatile for many outfits and matches nicely with the white of the coat and the blue and white striped shirt.

Hint: White coats are a great addition to any wardrobe, as the color allows it to be easily matched to many pieces. Attention to details, like this Fashionista’s buttons, can make an outfit extra special.

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