TREND: Distressed Leather Booties

With a new semester comes new habits, and I can’t help but notice the tendency for fashionable girls on campus to simply slip on a pair of UGGs and go to class.  While pairing comfortable boots with your outfit is easy and warm, it isn’t necessarily the most original or trendy shoe to add to your going-to-class look. In fact, this Fashionista is a reminder of how important it is to be fashionable from head to toe.

She starts off her trendy look with a traditional gray peacoat. The combination of the wool material along with the gray color of this pea coat makes this coat perfect for any occasion, especially going to class.

Along with this coat, this Fashionista chose to drape a circular two-toned black and grey scarf around her neck. Circular scarves are my favorite type of scarf because their shape makes them easy to throw on and keeps your neck extra warm. This Fashinista’s scarf worked as a great layering piece because the colors really picked up the rest of the outfit. I suggest buying scarves like these from Urban Outfitters.

The black and gray theme moved down the outfit as this Fashionista effortlessly paired comfortable black leggings with bold shoes. These gray distressed leather lace up boots set this outfit apart from all of the other going-to-class looks I see around campus.

I am a particular fan of this shoe’s color and style. The rustic gray with black undertones make this shoe neutral and bold. It also allows this shoe to be paired with just about anything. In addition, the style of these booties works to positively impact the outfit. The mere concept of a bootie is feminine but when you add the laces into the picture, the boot is made edgier causing people to look twice.

I believe these shoes are great because they are both comfortable and trendy. Plus, they’re the perfect thing to wear to class on the days that it isn’t actually snowing.

I recommend purchasing these shoes from Lorenz on campus or DSW for all of you online shoppers.


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