As autumn arrives, but the temperatures stay warm, it is the perfect time to play around with the delicates of summer and the darks of fall. This Fashionista has mastered how to balance her light lace with black denim. There is a perfect balance between light and dark within her ensemble, from the black tank top under the lace, to the bright gold of her shoes and the pink on her nails. All of these small aspects help to make the outfit work. Her lace blouse is my favorite, with the oversized sleeves and the bold patterned flowers. I also like the fact that the fabric is a bit thicker than usual lace, making it a more suitable shirt to wear during the day as well as the evening. Moving down and focusing on her sandals, the gold of the straps connects with her other gold accessories. However, the jewels on the top of the sandals stand out, making them an ideal statement piece without being too loud at the same time. As for the rest of the little details from her light pink nail polish to gold jewelry, it all ties in quite well. One aspect about her jewelry that is extremely unique is that her earrings are one of a kind – she made them herself. This “Do it Yourself” aka “D.I.Y” trend is becoming increasingly popular. Not only does it allow you to save money by reusing old clothes or items, it also makes your style that much more distinctive. Just recently did I take a pair of old jeans and converted them into shorts and learned how to from a short five minute video on YouTube. This trend has spread and is being featured on blogs. One blog in particular is SaucyGlossie. Check out this article which shows how the writer attended party where all they did was make their own jewelry. So, surf the web for ideas and dig through your closet to find that old piece of clothing that you can reinvent to be a new favorite.

Hint: Get this Fashionista’s lace look with a similar piece from ASOS or try making your own earrings by following the steps of this article!

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