Remember the ‘90s? Remember how easy it was to get a pair of shorts back then? All you had to do was pick your most worn out pair, cut the legs off, and voila! A fabulous pair of shorts. Well, Fashionistas, this DIY denim trend has returned, hotter and more affordable than ever. That is, if you’re willing to work a little bit.

Distressed denim is one of my signature looks. Sure, my dad and his friends may think its strange and make corny jokes like, “Hey, did you know your pants are ripped?” but honestly, what do they know about fashion? Try as they might to poke fun at my torn up pants, I will always remain loyal to a trusty pair of worn out denim.

It was a scorching hot 95 degrees in Iowa City last week when I spotted this Fashionista, keeping cool (or at least trying to) in her high waisted denim shorts and loose patterned tank. She paired this breezy outfit with cute taupe slip ons, a brown braided belt and a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. This Fashionista was the epitome of casual chic. For a look similar to this trendy lady, head to a consignment shop in your college town. Find a pair of old, light wash, high-waisted jeans, and chop the legs off. You will be left with a pair of adorable denim shorts to wear as you please.

My favorite thing about denim shorts is their versatility. They can be dressed up with a camel, button-down blouse or dressed down with a loose, summery knit. They can be paired with solid colors or paired with a variety of prints. They can be worn with a loose tank in the warm summer months, and they transition well into the chillier months when paired with patterned tights and a fur coat.

Hint: If you’re not very confident in your seamstress abilities, don’t be ashamed to buy a pair of already cut denim shorts. Check out this adorable pair of light wash cut-offs.

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