STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Combat the Rain with Military Boots

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and what makes us even more delighted to head home for break is the gloomy weather that has hit Durham. Even if you come from the coldest of places there’s nothing like a home-cooked meal and a warm, cozy bed to lift your spirits. Yet, to pass the time in North Carolina, Fashionistas have been adjusting to the rain and wearing the most appropriate items to stay dry. So, with the grounds this muddy and wet, it only seems natural that students all over campus don a pair of rain boots, whether they are classic Hunter styles or any other type of Wellington boot. Therefore, when I see another type of shoe in a welly-clad crowd, it stands out and I take notice.

That is how this Fashionista caught my attention. With her military style ankle boots she distinguished herself from the others, while still keeping her feet clean and dry. The canvas and leather combination give them a classic yet rugged look, thus complementing the rest of her ensemble. She tops off a slouchy, big sweater and a white blouse with a paisley square scarf that flawlessly balances bright and dull tones. With the bright purple and deep red palette, it adds some beautiful color, while still sticking with her understated look.

Hint: Although I love the idea of an ankle boot, you can also find some great tall boots for those rainy days. These will give you the extra warmth as the temperatures continue to drop. And for those not ready to give up heels, try this canvas-and-leather trend with heeled boots or sandals.

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