TREND: Draped Pieces Add Instant Flair

One of the biggest trends right now, and my personal favorite, is the draping effect that has become the focus of many pieces this season. It can instantly give any piece an "oh, this old thing" look that translates into an effortlessly chic outfit. While I have seen this theory put to use on blazers, leather jackets, coats and tops, I still can't get enough.

Needless to say, when I spotted this Fashionista walking down Comm Ave., I had to stop her. Her draped jacket is a perfect piece for fall and has that cool factor that makes the trend so popular. It adds interest and an of-the-moment flair to her minimalist ensemble. In addition, her all black outfit and white top create a combination that is reminiscent of something Alexander Wang would send down the runway, evoking the same naturally-chic vibe that the designer creates. Her jacket is just one of many great pieces that show how effortless this trend looks.

The best part about the trend is that it really is easy to wear. For any Fashionista who wants to try out some great draped pieces, this two-tone jacket is a trendy (and budget friendly) option. Another take is a shearling jacket with draped lapels that takes advantage of two popular fall trends. While a longer black jacket shows a fresh twist on a classic coat, Wayne’s hooded sweater jacket has quickly become my favorite option because of its soft fabric and modern style. For a less minimalist option, there are also draped jackets with patterned fabric that are equally stylish and easy to wear. The versatility and ease of draped pieces are going to make it a key trend for Fashionistas this season.

Hint: Pair any draped jacket with skinny jeans, a worn-in T-shirt and boots to get that cool factor that everyone will want to duplicate. Or try a more tailored top paired with black tights and a basic black skirt to get a look similar to our Fashionista's. 

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