TREND: Dress to Express

College is a time to express yourself, through your voice, through your demeanor, and through your clothes. Fashion in these four years should reflect something other than the latest trends; it should provide an opportunity, a chance to distinguish oneself from the rest. The greatest Fashionistas are those of you who show off personal style that’s unique to you.

These Fashionistas do exactly that. When I saw these two, after immediately admiring their outfits, I recognized how distinct their style truly was. I especially love their different interpretations of fall fashion. One takes a structured blazer to layer over a nautical tank, pairing it with distressed denim shorts and a light scarf. The other makes use of fall florals in her shirt, while throwing on a pair of riding boots and a brown leather jacket.

By incorporating their own favorite trends and pieces, these Fashionistas know how to create overall distinct looks. At the same time, they have managed to stay comfortable, weather-appropriate, and considering the weather this past week, that’s a feat.

Hint: Don’t be discouraged by the escalating prices of fashion in today’s society—you can still be uniquely fashionable at any cost. If you’re looking for a great blazer that won’t break the bank, check out Urban Outfitters, and you’ll get a variety of options for cheaper. Want riding boots that don’t cost a fortune? Target has a pair that I love.

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