TREND: Dressing for fall

With the fall weather finally setting in, it’s time to say goodbye to some of our favorite spring and summer pieces. Although I do love the fall weather, it can sometimes make it difficult to wear certain looks. During the fall I often find myself wearing sweaters, hoodies, or blazers, paired with denim or leggings. I also find that I am missing the ability to wear more “girly” looks considering the temperature outside. However, fear not Fashionistas, there is a solution.

During the fall season, a great way to achieve this girly look is through a simple long-sleeved dress. When the cold weather comes in, we trade in our T-shirts for long-sleeved shirts, so why not do so with our dresses as well. This Fashionista features a simple long-sleeved dress from Zara. While the dress is simple, the leopard print helps to make the look “fun”. The great thing about wearing a long-sleeved dress is that you are able to show off your look instead of having to hide it under a sweater or a light jacket.

Another great way in which to make a dress functional for fall is by pairing it with a pair of tights, or in this Fashionista's case ‘knee-high socks’. This addition not only makes your look weather appropriate but it can also create a different spin on an outfit. For example, this Fashionista plays up the ‘funky’ and ‘fun’ vibe of the leopard print with the use of the knee-high socks.

Hint: Instead of opting for a printed pattern dress with plain tights, why not try the reverse? Style your look with printed patterned tights with a plain colored dress. Tie your look together through the use of accessories to bring common colors [within the look] together. For example, this fashionista uses her black belt, bag, socks, and shoes to tie in the black used in the pattern of her dress.

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