TREND: Dressing in Neutral Tones

While fall is beginning to settle in and winter well on its way, the neutral colors are coming out to play. However, just because the color palate of your wardrobe is muted, doesn’t mean your fashion has to be muted as well! There are plenty of ways to play up a look and create a fashionable look even with darker winter tones.

This Fashionista plays up her look by creating a mixture between fall/October tans and winter blacks. The basic layout for this Fashionista’s look is her grey tee and jeans. However, she doesn’t stop there. She plays up her relaxed fall look with the addition of a scarf. A simple scarf is a great way to dress up a basic outfit. Not only is it a great way to easily accessorize and compliment any look, but it’s also the perfect way to cover up a tee when the weather is a little chilly but not quite cold enough for a hoodie. Another way to achieve this weather appropriate look is through pairing a tee with a short-sleeve cardigan. I love the way this Fashionista paired her scarf, for the grey stripes are a perfect compliment to her tee.

The fall tones come into play through her pairing this outfit with moccasins and tan canvas backpack. These final touches make her outfit pop while adding an October-like feel through the coloring of the tans. This fashionista reminds us all of the importance of shoe choice. While plain black flats would have created a darker and plain look, the moccasins and matching backpack are what make this look very fun and festive. She finishes off her look with a mixture of black and tan vintage rings, bracelets and earrings which perfectly completes and achieves her overall relaxed neutral fall look.

Hint: Sometimes it’s easier to start an outfit by first picking out your accessories. If wearing a scarf that has more than one color in it, pick out your look based upon the options you have that are incorporated with the ones in the scarf.

Also, when paring two different color tones, balancing these tones is key. Make sure these tones are evenly balanced and placed for a more intentional look.

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