TREND: Earth Lover

This Fashionista pays homage to the earth with her floral top, green olive jacket, distressed blue jeans and white sandals. Her blouse is covered with the floral trend that was popular in the summer, but the deep, dark colors make it more appropriate for winter. The skinny brown belt around her waist is also a part of the earth color scheme. Her military-influenced jacket sports orange buttons, almost like flowers in a flower bed. Her distressed jeans were done herself, and her crochet flats complete this earthy look.

To get this look, find a top with a floral print in black and other dark colors, and cinch it with a brown belt. Wear that with a light military jacket in olive green or any shade of brown (bonus points for finding colorful buttons!). Purchase a pair of distressed jeans, or use a pair you already have and do it yourself. White flats with a woven or mesh-like appearance will complete your look.

Hint: Choose dark denim. Light denim will make the outfit look like it’s in the wrong season!

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