TREND: Easy Does It

The concept of “man-repeller” dressing, or dressing to make a point instead of trying to look attractive, has reached a fever pitch as of late. You know what I’m talking about – the girl with the furry yeti jacket, shapeless plaid shirt, and those floral pants that may or may not have come from her grandmother in Fort Lauderdale. It can be fashionable, of course, but unless you are indeed the slinky Man-Repeller herself, Leandra Medine, it is usually not attractive.

Of course, with the exception of Saturday night in South Beach, women usually dress for other women. Only women know how cool that Pamela Love talon bracelet is. Only women understand why Opening Ceremony x Any Designer can induce chills. In the fashion world, it’s almost seen as simple-minded to appreciate an outfit that is just plain pretty. But that’s exactly what I’m doing today. 

Enter this week’s Fashionista. A lovely junior Biology and Near Eastern Studies pre-med double major, was spotted on the quad on this sparkling ice-cold day. Her bright red coat caught my eye, looking fresh off last week’s Burberry Prorsum fall 2011 runway, where designer Christopher Bailey showed bright blue, yellow, and red wool toppers over sleek black looks, like this Fashionista's bodysuit. The show was inspired by model Jean Shrimpton, Mod goddess, and her palette would fit right in. Although these are basic shapes and classic colors, because of her verve this Fashionista makes it fun.

Under her red swing coat was an Express cream bobble cardigan drawn in with a tiny sliver of a patent belt, coordinating with a black patent leather tote from Anne Klein and a red patent leather watch from Versace. The shocking watch is one of my favorite ways to make an outfit sing, especially since I think time is a frightening reality that needs to be constantly mocked and challenged. If red is the color of choice, you can go glitzy like today's Fashionista, sail it sporty, or keep it sleek.

So if man-repelling is your thing, then pile on the plaid harem pants and orange moon boots with confidence. But for the rest of womankind, a great silhouette in simple colors is all it takes. If in this case you need to keep your man-repellant in a spray can, then so be it.

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