TREND: Easygoing Eclectic

It's time to shake things up! We all have our favorite pieces we like to wear over and over again, but its more interesting when you combine opposites for an edgy look. This Fashionista was spotted wearing a bright blue heathered American Apparel v-neck, a brown floral print Free People mini skirt, Urban Outfitters chain and beaded necklace, and western inspired studded light brown boots. The outfit is accessorized with a bright colored Mexican long strap hobo bag. The mix of colors and prints works, and the overall effect allows the individual pieces to stand out rather than clash with each other.

Remember when mixing prints to stay in the same color family, mix big prints with small prints, and choose clothes that flatter your body and skin tone to avoid looking like a clown. If you are on the hunt for unique pieces to add to your wardrobe, I suggest checking out vintage clothes at Cactus Flower or Material Plane and looking at the uber affordable random jewelry at Vintage Wearhouse on 4th Street. The best part about eclectic style is that it's up to you to be the mix master and create a fashion forward, unique look. Stripes usually look good with dainty florals, so if you are unsure what to mix that's a good combination to start with. Add whatever accessories you are drawn to, whether it be tribal print bags, layered necklaces, or a neutral belt at the waist that streamlines the look. Once you wear an outfit with the right harmony of prints and colors you'll start mixing up your closet in unexpected ways!

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