TREND: Elemental Fashion

Half of the fun of wearing a great outfit is putting it all together. When it comes to great college fashion, the devil is in the details. Have you ever noticed how the best dressed people on campus always seem to be not just impossibly fashionable, but incredibly well put together? That's because they've discovered the essential fashion secret: elemental fashion.

It comes down to this: elemental fashion is that special ability to create great outfits from individual pieces. Different elements, get it? It's a secret that stylists know well. Sometimes it's not about the whole, but the pieces that make up the whole. For a great campus look, pay attention to the pieces that you use to construct that amazing "just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-already-I-look-fabulous" sensibility.This Fashionista did a great job of pulling together pieces that complement each other, while not looking overdone or too forced. From the flattering dark denim, to the cute throw-over sweater and understated jewelry, she exudes that elusive cool about her personal style. 

To get her look, follow her fashion philosophy and piece together the most fashionable outfit that settles perfectly into your own personal style. Start with a great pair of jeans, (darker denim flatters most figures), then find a great top that suits the look you're going for. Running errands? Try this Anthracite tee with cut-outs on the sleeve. You'll look runway-ready while you're picking up your dry-cleaning or running to the bank. Date night? Shimmy into this beautiful Jane Norman contoured corset top. You'll be the only thing your date can focus on all night, without showing too much skin or looking even remotely trashy.

Cardigans your thing? This boyfriend cardigan from Alloy comes in great colours and adds that casual flair. Stilettos not your thing? Try on any of these amazing wedges for size, and soon enough you'll be strutting down the street as if it's your own personal runway. The last touch of jewelry should be simple and sweet. Stick to one or two pieces; maybe a favourite ring or pair of earrings. After all that meticulous crafting, don't you have the confidence to strut down campus?

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