TREND: Embrace Earth Tones

The temperatures have dropped. An accumulation of rain and leaves covers campus, creating an interesting palette of muddied reds and yellows. And whether you’re ready or not, I think it’s safe to say that fall has officially hit Durham.

Yet, instead of despairing over the unexpected change, embrace the new season by wearing the exact colors that represent it. This Fashionista makes use of her Earth tones, by layering an olive green sweater over a deep maroon dress. Although it does feature a floral pattern, its color scheme makes it just right for this time of year. Again, the idea of bringing your summer florals into fall comes into play (as seen in this Miami University post), which eases the transition and expands the utility of your wardrobe. Finally, inspired by the natural elements, she piles on a chunky stone bracelet and adds a simple gold pendant to accessorize.

During this period when the weather gets cooler and gloomier, comfort has a huge presence in our fashion selections. This Fashionista clearly agrees, as her earthy tones add a level of warmth to her outfit. Sweaters are the obvious choice for this trend, but you don’t have to be bundled up to pull these colors off. Don’t forget to look for dresses and skirts in anything from deep red to forest green to mahogany, and you will never fail to be fashionable.

Hint: Go even further with this trend, and celebrate the Earth in more ways than just representing its hues. Try eco-friendly, organic threads, so you can be truly nature-inspired. Check out Edun for some great options.

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