TREND: Embrace Lace this Spring

As the seasons change so does fashion. At least, this is what usually happens. However, some trends manage to blossom throughout all four seasons. The dark bold lacey patterned tops that were introduced in the fall, have survived the harsh winter, and are now blooming with feminity this spring. Feminity is the perfect word to describe this season’s lace trend, and this Fashionista exemplified the delicate lace look effortlessly by pairing an ivory lace dress with a skinny brown belt and gladiator shoes.

This ivory lace dress embodies femininity in both its pattern and shape. The elaborate flowery patterned lace is so subtle that it forces you to take a second look. This dress is also cut so that it highlights this Fashionista’s hourglass shape, which she decided to emphasize with a skinny brown belt. I personally think that this is a brilliant decision because skinny belts are so in style this spring. By wearing them around your mid-section, they provide a little bit more shape to every shirt or dress you pair it with.  Plus, they can add a little bit more color and detail to a simplistic outfit like this Fashionista's.  Belts like the one this Fashionista is wearing are sold at just about every store, and I recommend the ones from J. Crew. Not only did this Fashionista add a little more color to her outfit with her brown belt, but she did this by wearing intricate brown sandals as well. Sandals can add a lot to an outfit, and I recommend buying some from Urban Outfitters.  After all, this Fashionista's sandals helped make her look memorable from head to toe!  

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