TREND: En Pointe

The ballet buzz is everywhere. With Darren Aronofsky's new film, “The Black Swan," rising Oscar buzz, has come the rise of ballet chic fashions. Rodarte launched many of the ballet fashions seen in “The Black Swan”, and those styles are sure to have a significant impact on many campuses nationwide. From classic, delicate pieces, to darker contemporary pieces–ballet fashions are sure to be on the rise everywhere and anywhere come spring. They are already making their presence known around the University of Iowa campus, and it is clear the significant impact they will have on spring fashion here at Iowa.

This notable Fashionista demonstrates her love for tulle, with her modified black tulle skirt. She makes her look unique through her use of layering. To transition perfectly from winter to spring, this Fashionista has appropriately layered her tulle skirt over a fitted dress. The rosettes on her fitted dress accent her skirt perfectly, pulling together a look that is “ballet chic.” By combining her skirt with classic opaque tights, a distinct pink scarf, and a pair of seasonally appropriate boots this look remains practical for the season and will keep this Fashionista warm in the frigid Midwest winter months.

As a whole, this Fashionista’s look is “en pointe.”

Hint: theres nothing better than a bold headband to accessorize the "ballet chic" look, so, if you're having trouble pulling your outfit together–throw on a headband for a full-blown ballet chic look that is both perfectly executed and "en pointe"!

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