TREND: The Cross-Body Bag

Of the many accessories that are important to a college girl, one of the most useful AND stylish is the cross-body bag. You get all the benefits of a clutch without having to actually clutch the clutch. Especially on the way to class when you’re carrying your books along with a countless number of other items, its nice to have a small bag that can hold the essentials like your phone and money without having to carry that around as well.

Today’s Fashionista has on the perfect early fall outfit pairing some fall essentials like a neutral cardigan and boots with shorts. Her dark grey shirt is great in contrast with the neutral cardigan and has one of my other favorite trends- lace! The focal point of the outfit is her black studded cross-body bag with a chain strap. The bag is small enough to wear around but big enough to carry all the essentials and more. Cross-body bags come in all shapes, colors, and sizes so there’s definitely one for every style and taste. This little gold bag is perfect to wear out at night, while this brown leather bag is a bit more understated but has the flair of the studded strap. Some cross-body bags are even large enough to carry some books like this eco-friendly hand-woven bag. All around- I am a huge fan of this trend and really see it sticking around because it’s useful while still being stylish!

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