TREND: Expect the Unexpected

It is always refreshing for me to see unexpected pieces paired together that surprisingly work cohesively, thus forming a contemporary look that pays homage to a persons unique and individual eye for fashion. Even though I am a lover of high fashion that borders on avant-garde and over-the-top, I rarely step out of my comfort zone in terms of my own day to day wear. As a creature of habit I am consistently pairing the same colors and silhouettes together. This Fashionista inspired me that sometimes taking a risk can exceed even your own expectations. 

Wearing an oversized brown trench coat, black tights, and navy blue suede oxfords, this Fashionista looks perfect for a windy day in the city. She completes the look with a brown pashmina (in a different shade from the trench coat) and a black tote bag. The pairing of the brown jacket with a brown scarf in a different shade would usually scare me, as I would assume it would clash or look strange together. However, this Fashionista proves that you don't always have to be matchy-matchy. You are allowed to combine different shades of the same color and still look fashionable. Regardless of many of us being conditioned to think that this is a faux-pas, the combining of similar hues adds a hint of modernity and sophistication that is not done enough in terms of street wear.

To replicate the pairing, try a herringbone coat such as this one by J.Crew. Add a standard pashmina or scarf like this wool and cashmere blend by Ron Herman. Top the look off with a basic pair of  black tights and black carry-all bag, both from American Apparel. Finish the outfit with a pair of suede oxfords similar to these from Target. 

Hint: Don't be afraid to experiment with colors you normally wouldn't pair together this season! You'd be surprised how much looks good combined that you would normally never even think to form. Get creative and break away from what you normally would sport. Aren't rules made to be broken after all? 

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