TREND: Exposing a Shoulder

Looking around campus during the day you're likely to find Fashionistas rocking jean shorts with cute, flowy tops, to stay comfortable in the September heat. At night, however, it's a different story. With the beginning of school, welcome week and thereafter encourages more students to flaunt their nighttime style. Since Labor Day is now over, darker colors are starting to make their appearance in the nightlife around Foggy Bottom and Georgetown. To keep the summer feel, Fashionistas have seemingly been following the one-shoulder trend, but with one long sleeve. By exposing an arm, the one-shoulder is a great way to add a bit of femininity and class to a dress, which makes for a unique look for fall. I love how this Fashionista is following the adorable trend in a black jersey dress, heading to dinner and drinks before a fun night out. While the black lace brings a feminine touch, try wearing a different shade and fabric for fall in the one-shoulder style to add a bit of individuality. I love this trend for going out on the weekends!

I also adore this Fashionista's use of accessories. Her sky-high cage wedges truly keep the hot weather in check, and create a gorgeous, chic, complete look. While the heat still seems to be trugging along in the fall months, the style of this Fashionista's jersey dress is great for the transition to cooler weather, enabling the use of cooler weather booties (that look extra-comfortable!) and pumps for going out. The silver clutch is also a great way of adding a bit of excitement to this Fashionista's outfit. I love how she used silver to accent the entirety of the black duo. It's a great addition to any outfit, and doesn't seem that difficult to find.

Hint: This week, invest in a cute silver studded clutch to add to a bit of pizazz to your chic "going-out" attire!

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