TREND: Fall Flats

As I was sitting on the inter-campus shuttle, this Fashionista’s bright and floral dress caught my eye! I had to get up and take a picture of this outfit, what I loved the most was its ease. Her messy, just-out-of-bed looking hair compliments the pretty dress and peep toe shoes perfectly! It says “Yes, I took the time of putting together a cute outfit but I don’t look like a pin-up”.

Walking every day in 100 degree weather reaffirms my position on flip flops: I hate/love them! They are the worst thing for your feet and back because there is no support, but they are the easiest thing to throw on when your late for your 7:30 am class. But this Fashionista has found a better substitute, low wedge peep-toes! Staying stylish and comfortable, just how I like it!

Hint: Here are some great peep-toe flats from Bakers and I really love these Steve Madden bedazzled flats.

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