TREND: Fall for Classics

As the weather in Eugene starts to cool down, the start of school draws near. I know all you Fashionistas have probably gone through your wardrobe, trying to figure out what’s best for school and also the fall. 

This Fashionista caught my attention with her look that's classy, stylish and professional but still fun. The best part about this outfit is the black and white cardigan. To avoid wearing too many colors, this Fashionista chose a fitted black tee to pair with the cardigan; now the pattern of the cardigan stands out. Simple, causal-looking dark green pants add a more professional look to the outfit. A pair of blue jeans will also work if you are looking to be more casual. The best footwear for this will be, of course, the Black Canvas Wedges of Tom’s. For girls like me who have never been able to wear heels for an entire day – these are definitely perfect for you. They are more comfy, not to mention you can wear them with anything.

For back-to-school shopping, my advice is to buy edgy-fitting blazers. Also, accessories are essential to helping you create the look you desire, whether it's fun school girl or professional intern. For the coming fall, belts and socks will be hot accessories. 

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