TREND: Fall Gracefully into the Next Season

As the hot breeze of summer turns into the chilly winds of fall, do not fear the transition into the new time of year. Instead, take a new approach to turning over your wardrobe and try incorporating elements from both seasons to help you look fashionable as the temperatures slowly drop.

I saw this Fashionista as she walked home from the downtown area in an outfit that is perfect for this time of year. Although it is seemingly simple, a pair of jeans, a white tank top, and a cardigan, the overall composition of the final piece makes this look so successful. First off, the jeans rolled up just past the ankles is not only a hot look right now and perfect for the weather, but also shows off her cute flats and keeps the jeans from weighing down the rest of the outfit. Also, boyfriend jeans would have looked great as well. Choosing flats with this look was a great way to move from her summery sandals before having to dig out her winter boots. The combination of the navy blue and white striped cardigan with the white tank underneath really makes the white stripes and the white cuffs of the cardigan pop. Any sort of summery tank you might have in your closet can be paired with a cardigan sweater to carry it into the chillier days. Try mixing patterns and having fun with the color combinations you choose, it’s a great way to give this simple look a touch of your personality.

Hint: Check out cardigan sweaters at Urban Outfitters, they have a great selection! Also, this look is super easy to carry into the evening hours by pairing it with some light brown booties such as these.

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